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Cheshire CCTV has been installing CCTV and network solutions for domestic and commercial properties for the past 20 years.

Cheshire CCTV will design and install a CCTV system to suit your needs and budget.

CCTV today provides inelegant analytics that will event on perimeter detection a popular solution for Cheshire businesses

CCTV images can easily be remotely viewed on your smartphone or tablet with no subscription complemented with smart analytical email eventing with images attached.

We build CCTV solutions using sophisticated IP network solutions, deployed with the benefits of distributed high speed, fibre optic, Wi-Fi bridge links, layered networks, edge storage and IP switching.

The most popular and important reason for CCTV is that you’re four times unlikely to be targeted by criminals if your property has an effective camera system, especially when the quality of the CCTV footage available today is 8MB 4K and above.

We complement are CCTV solutions with offsite event analytics to a remote NSI CCTV monitoring centre, audio challenge and onsite keyholding alarm response security patrols that are insurance complaint.

For large camera installations with multiple locations, we provide VMS “Video Managed Solutions” and Storage solutions, based on an open platform the VMS software supports multiple vender cameras with enhanced analytics locally or remotely. Vendor software used Milestone, NX Witness, Wavestore, Arcules, Morphean, IndigoVision.

Commercial CCTV is and excellent solution that gives you and your workforce peace of mind, ideal for monitoring equipment, products also areas where physical surveillance just isn’t possible, help track day to day activities of employees and visitors, make staff feel safer, health and safety, reassurance that you know what’s going on under your roof, gather crucial evidence to aid police investigations

Home CCTV solutions can easily be access on your smart phone so you can check in at home whilst on the move, you can relax, knowing your home, pets, cars, garages, gardens perimeters and loved ones are safe.

Cheshire CCTV Specialists

Cheshire CCTV Specialists

Cheshire CCTV will design and install a CCTV system to suit your needs and budget. Brands include HIKVision, Uniview, Hanwha, Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Avigilon, Mobotix, Honeywell.

Over the years we have installed CCTV into Factories, Warehousing, Haulage Transport yards, Retail, Shops, Garden Centres, Offices, Car Dealerships, Schools, Farms, Restaurants, Pubs, Auction Rooms, Medical Centres, Housing Associations, Golf Clubs, Kennels, Stables, Children’s Nurseries, Council Depots, Environmental Agency, Quarry, Holiday Park, Swimming Pool, Wildlife Projects, Houses, Flats and for the Police.

Take advantage of Cheshire CCTV’s installation such as NVR’s, DVR’s, IP digital Cameras, TVI Coax Cameras, or large VMS Video Managed Solutions and Storage.

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The security market has evolved significantly in the last few years and the quality and functionality of the systems available today provide you with numerous ways to protect your assets depending on your technical requirements and budget.

Security is an important priority for all types of business. Our wide range of CCTV, Access Control and intrusion detection solutions provide customers with up to date secure options for their business. We offer cloud based and on-premise security solutions.

It’s not just about choosing the right type of cameras, we can also advise on the best storage, lighting, transmission, analytics etc. We believe that IP security solutions are the best way forward for your business.

Industries We Serve!

Large campus CCTV complemented with video management, centralised managed video access control with single button entry.

Large, distributed warehouse CCTV solution, ATEX compliant warehousing, ANPR access control, centralised video management, complemented with a fully managed distributed WIFI network for barcoding.   

Large CCTV installation for factories monitoring temperature, sensitive equipment and plant operations with Health and Safety in mind.

CCTV solutions to view wildlife over the Internet to view Grey Herons, Kestrels, Barn Owls and Kingfishers. using the latest video streaming technology enabling enabling wildlife to be viewed over the Internet in real time 

Housing Association video surveillance system, creating a greater sense of security for residents.

CCTV installation for factories monitoring production, manufacturing with insurance compliant remote monitoring and Audio challenge systems.

Retail CCTV is a proven method at deterring crime also providing Heat Mapping quickly identify volume of store activity, store hot spots, dead areas, people counting, EPOS integration and face recognition with full screen eventing on known shoplifters.

Large, distributed warehouse CCTV solution, ATEX compliant warehousing, ANPR access control, centralised video management, complemented with offsite monitoring and audio interaction

Professionally fitted CCTV cameras in your factory will not only help monitor employees but will also monitor machinery and systems throughout the factory, this can be advantageous if issues arise with any of the systems throughout the factory.

Residential CCTV providing peace of mind new CCTV install, automated gates, house alarm, Wi-Fi bridge link to cameras to the gate looking back at the house.

Many Pubs & Restaurants are now required, as part of their premises licence, to have a CCTV system installed with recordings up to 30 days for use by the police, deterrent for any anti-social behaviour, monitoring tills and stock, watching for drinks being spiked

HD CCTV installation monitoring farm perimeter, animal welfare, and equipment.

Investing in the safety of your animals. Knowing exactly what’s happening in the calving / lambing sheds.

Preston NHS and Cheshire NHS Trusts required a CCTV solutions providing a secure work place for staff and patients which can be access over the Internet remotely by staff, police with improved support services from Cheshire

Lancashire Constabulary needed a cost effect CCTV solution providing lots of local coverage, covering shop windows, pubs and take always.

POLICE RAPID DEPLOYMENT CCTV TRAILER The object of the trailer is to provide a mobile incident room and CCTV solution enabling the Police to extend support and CCTV coverage to remote areas around Lancashire.

Environmental Agency IP HD CCTV cameras located in harsh environments to monitor bridge trash debris screens uploading a daily image to the Internet and referenced by an edited Google my map service the camera is powered via a battery, solar panel and connects to the internet

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